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Modbus Constructor is supported as usual. Happy new year!
Modbus Constructor 1.9 Released. "Black fields" bug fixed. Trial period renewed.
Modbus Constructor 1.7 is compatible with Windows 10.
Modbus Reader 1.6.2 released.
Modbus Constructor 1.6.0 and Modbus Reader 1.6.0 released.
Modbus Reader 1.3.0 Released.
Modbus Constructor 1.1.12 Released. Some minor bugs fixed. Trial period renewed.
Modbus Constructor 1.1.11 Released. Trial period renewed.
Modbus Reader 1.2.14 Released. Some minor bugs fixed.
A prerelease of the version 1.2 of Modbus Reader is now available. Data logging capability is added for a single device as well as for multiple devices.
ModBus Constructor v1.1 Final Release is available (several critical bugs fixed, performance is improved).
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QuickStart Guide in French and German added to download area.
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QuickStart Guide is now available in Russian, Italian and Spanish!
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Modbus Constructor v1.0 RC1 Released.
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Modbus Constructor is "try-before-you-buy" software. You can evaluate it 30 days for free. When this period expires you must either purchase our software or stop using it and remove it from your computer. As soon as we are notified that your order has been processed, a registration key will be sent to you via email within 24 hours or one business day to unlock your copy of software (during business hours, orders are usually processed within 2 to 4 hours).

The simplest and cheapest way to buy our software is to order it Online.
Our registration services currently accept the following bank cards: Visa, Mastercard/Eurocard, American Express, Discover/Novus, JCB, Diners Club. You can also order by Cheque, Cash, Fax, Postal mail, Fax&Phone, Bank/Wire Transfer, Purchase Order/Invoice or via PayPal - check links within the online secure order form. Do not forget to supply exact Personal info and a valid e-mail address to which we can send your registration & update information. Customer's information is considered confidential and will NOT be shared/distributed to any third party.

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Please, click on the appropriate price link in the table below for placing your order (all prices in the table below are per one copy).

Software Product License copies Order
Modbus Constructor   Personal   US $199.00
  2 - 4   US $169.00
  5 - 10   US $139.00
  Corporate   Contact us for details

All licenses include free minor version updates with special 50% discount for major upgrades during lifetime of the product and priority technical support via email and public support forums.

"Free minor version updates" means that by purchasing version 1.0, you have also purchased 1.1, 1.2 and all other 1.x versions, but not version 2.0 and later. However, you will get free major version update if it has passed less than 3 months since the date of your purchase.

The premium Corporate License is intended for large companies and corporates with many employees. The software is licensed to the name of the company purchasing the license. And besides this type of license entitles an organization to receive one copy of the distribution software and to duplicate the software for any number of people or workstations within the corporation. It also entitles an organization to receive high-priority support via email and free major version upgrades during lifetime of the product.
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